Friday, June 3, 2011

The roof of the old Funny House restaurant, now La Cuisine, with great staff and pretty good pizza, is a quite nice place to sit. Small, though, which makes me think of the nutty ex-pat who told me of a great B99/hr foot massage place. “Where?” I asked. “I’m not telling!” he gleefully replied.
Another Farang pulled the same about a good shop for big motorcycles – despite that I’ve never even had one. Both were semi-irrationally scared of losing easy access to a good thing, through that good thing gaining too much popularity. But price will keep the FunnyHouse roof available, I think.
At Steve’s “Hangover’s Corner” (was British Pub and Massage), there’s a great-looking pool-table, surely the best in town for anything but snooker. And he’s got clientele now.

Warning: some despicable Farang are working to increase the power of Monsanto here – offering small, short-term help to a few of the poor, to greatly increase the power of the richest (power they happily use to virtually enslave as many of the rest of us as they can).
I won’t name names, but I’m deeply suspicious of a small, privately-owned NGO just north of the Kok River, which was doing “agricultural surveys” a few years ago. It’s easy to think they can get support money by nefariously working to undermine what remains of independent agriculture here. Sound a bit reminiscent of Mr. T’s “populist” plans – to lend money people too quickly spend, thinking it was free? Well, indeed he is involved in this, through a Thai-US “Free Trade Agreement” (the sound in the background is me gagging) the Big Guy tried to push through, just before getting deposed. Monsanto hopes Thailand still has room for another “Hub” – this one a regional base for genetically engineered (GE) products.
Monsanto has sued farmers who wanted no part of them, but had GM pollen blown onto their plants anyway (intellectual copyright infringement; sorry about the further gagging). Not only can Monsanto sue, they eventually force all to buy their Roundup Ready crop seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, as nothing else will work anymore (suddenly, after they get a few farms going).

Monsanto – Worse Than War. And coming here to help increase xenophobia, against YOU!

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