Monday, August 8, 2011

Lanna Tai Textiles Center

The Lanna Tai Textiles Center at ChiangRai Rajapat University (open 9-16:30, Mon.-Fri.) is a great place to learn about, admire and even buy regional handmade cloth weavings of various Mekong River Region styles. Some are hung in vertical drawers, some in regular, horizontal ones. There’s a loom with operator, plus a yarn and dye making exhibit, pattern-making design materials on a splendid computer program, and also an exhibit of regional traditional clothing. The displays are professionally done, although only the weavings collection itself is at all extensive. Located right between the demonstration school and the CRU community radio station, bear right as you enter campus through the front gate (staying on the entry road) until you’ve completed a 90° right turn, it’s right to the right!

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