Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chianghai World Colors 750 years

Just back from the World Colors @ Chiangrai thingy where the hilltribe houses from the Flower Festival still are. Long-time resident of Thailand, singer Todd Tongdee Lavelle, originally from Scranton, PA USA, was MC - he's been on many a Thai stage for well over 2 decades, speaks Thai quite well. Sunday the 26th is the last day, with School Shows starting at 6 pm, Ongsasin Rhythm at 7 then Hmong Superstar, World Colors of Lahu, Dara-ang, PuTai and Kamu... Punjabi Academy dance troop from India, and lastly, at 10:30 a Farewell Jam.
In all, nicely weird, with a tiny yurt, a teepee made of crepe or something, a Thai on digereedoo, a Lakota hoop dancer/flutist who's accent was quite White by me... some interesting write-ups (including about Lanna trade with Mongolia - I'd LOVE to see evidence of THAT!!!), and lots of food, handicrafts and drinks. Oh, and Karen kids were doing a neat dance between moving bamboo poles. Plenty of parking, all free.

couldn't get a photo of the Karen kids on here. will post again...

Kevin Locke, Lakota

something I'd love to see evidence of

children of the yellow leaves (OK, not exactly Mlabri, as from South Thailand, but physically similar)



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