Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great Lunch Places for Chiangrai visitors

Ran Poh Jai, on Soi JetYod, behind the WangKhom Hotel, specializes in the wonderful Northern Thai chicken and noodle dish Khao Soi Gai, and there's is the best anywhere! Great price and fast service too. Moo Yang (bar-b-q pork), pork rinds and a variety of other quick and tasty Northern dishes.
Nakorn Pathom, on Pahonyothin Road just south of Pratu Sir, the town's center-main 4-way intersection, and just across from the Thai Air office (near the mouth of the Night Bazaar but never operating simultaneously), has excellent Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice) and Khao Moo Daeng (red pork on rice with sauce), plus free Chinese tea and leeks. Good prices, excellent service.
Nice Kitchen, across from Wat JetYod, offers both Western and Thai dishes. Good breakfasts, great KhaoPhat fried rice, pleasant atmosphere.
La Cuisine, across form the Wiang Inn on Pahonyothin Road, is simply excellent. Short waits for good pepperoni pizza!

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