Monday, April 10, 2017


Clearing a path for a driveway to a section of my property I intend to sell off, I found borapet vines wrapped around a dead bamboo and extending underneath the ground-cover of dead bamboo leaves. I smashed and boiled some, drank the bitter infusion a couple times, and enjoyed a sense of strength and energy. Then worked too hard and afterwards became extremely tired… My wife had said not to use too much of it as it would make me 'mao' (drunk)
The bitterness can be ameliorated by adding licorice, honey and green tea.
Borapet is reputed to kill intestinal parasites. It certainly affects gut flora and activity, but perhaps not all for the good. After using it several times I couldn't eat anything with MSG (way popular and overused around here) without laying down for hours afterwards. I think that after not using borapet for a while I can enjoy Khao soi gai again, but am not yet ready to try.

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